Closing the Circle of the Circular Economy

Regenasys is a research and development business focused on creating the world's first true circular economy using certified and proven technologies combined in a unique way.

Our aims

Net zero to carbon negative

Our solutions are overall carbon negative, eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, and support the following European goals:

  • Coal phased out by 2030
  • Natural gas phased out by 2050
  • Negative carbon balance in Europe before 2050.

Energy, Food and Mineral Security

We aim to reduce or eliminate Europe’s dependency on energy and mineral imports by the conversion of a variety of feedstocks normally categorised as waste. We can accelerate conversion of Europe’s energy trade deficit into a trade surplus, accelerating the domestic production of green energy, hydrogen, other synthetic fuels, rare earth metals, and minerals.

Producing Renewable, and Sustainable, Energy and Materials

We wish to achieve zero waste, true sector coupling and closing the circle to achieve a circular economy. This will sustainably provide raw materials for industry, base and peak load electricity, and clean and decentralised green hydrogen production. Where required, Regenasys can assist with the immediate transition away from landfill and waste incineration.

Our approach

Re-using every element

We start with the premise that no material is useless. Our processes are designed to increase recycling rates up to 100% by converting all feedstock content to commercially valuable elements and compounds including rare earth metals, renewable hydrogen, biomethane, ammonia, biofuels, methanol, fertiliser and energy.

Using proven technologies

Our approach combines a series of existing certified mechanical, biochemical and thermo-chemical processes by integrating them in a unique system.

Using existing equipment

We focus on known and trusted equipment manufacturers to reduce risk. We also pay particular attention to supply chain constraints so projects can be implemented in the short term, efficiently and to maximise commercial success.

Our people

The people powering Regenasys are industry veterans with backgrounds spanning decades in engineering, physics, chemistry, life sciences, finance, banking, business development, corporate communications, politics, and policy. We have carried out projects in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe including the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The team has experience in designing, developing, building, operating and financing industrial facilities throughout the world.

Major food and mineral businesses have been searching for alternative supply chains and a circular economy for decades. Team members have been pioneers on that journey, and have collaborated with most of those involved in developing renewable energy solutions in the UK and the European Union.